Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bizzare and Unique Days


My favorite cards are the just because or unexpected cards.  They are wonderful to receive and so many of my non-card making friends back in California have let me know that the unexpected envelope in the mailbox is a definite mood lifter.

I know when I get a card from my crafty friends unexpectedly it brings a smile to my face and adds a lil something to the day.

I have lots of thinking of you sentiment stamps as well as just because...but I was thinking I needed some inspiration.  I kinda stumbled on to this site of Bizzare and Unique Days, and I think there is inspiration there for some cards...and a silly unexpected reason to mail them out.  I plan on picking out one day each month making several cards for that day and sending them out. 

For me this month, its Penguin Awareness Day - I have several penguin stamps and what better way to use them?

So, thanks for stopping by; as always your visit is appreciated.


Cathy said...

Brilliant idea Cat! Love these cute little penguins, Cathy x

Greta said...

Oh too cute! I'm totally with you on the unexpected cards, Cat--like yesterday!! So great to love making cards & be able to brighten someone's day by simply putting it in the mail! Sounds like you're going to have fun with the bizarre & unique days! PS--needed your comment today--thank you, my friend!

I Card Everyone said...

Penguin Awareness Day!!! Yay! You never seem to run out of stamps, Cat, and we all appreciate more that we can convey ... I for one am blessed by your friendship - and every darling card [with or without penguins!]... xx

Anita in France said...

What a lovely idea, Cat ... and just the sweetest card. Who knew it was Penguin Awareness Day ... you did, clearly! Hugs, Anita :)