Tuesday, July 26, 2022



I finally found some energy and time to sit at my desk and make a couple of cards.  I am determined to keep to my 5 cards a month for Christmas.  These two will bring me current to 36 (1 extra, so I'll just need 4 next month).

Two challenges provided the inspiration for the cards, one Less is More - traditional Christmas, and Christmas Kickstart - snowfolk.





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Saturday, July 16, 2022



Finally the wash is done, the suitcases are unpacked a couple of organizing projects and house straightening is done. So I am back at my desk to make a card.

This one is going to a young lady I met in Utah, she is the granddaughter of my Dad's wife.  I hope she likes it.  I got my inspiration from the Tic Tac Toe Challenge, using the middle row Birthday, Flowers, and Sequins.

It took quite a bit of time for me, well over 90 minutes.  I am so out of practice after more than a month.



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Monday, July 11, 2022



No card, just a life update...

We drove to Utah to visit my Dad and meet in person his bride of two years, while we have face timed during that time, its not quite the same.  We stopped in Ohio on our way out. 

It was brutal driving. I have mobility issues and my knees were not happy. But it was worth it to see my Dad after 3 years and meet Dianne in person. Those were some of the best hugs.

We got to Utah in time for Father's Day, which was nice. Dianne cooked up a lovely roast meal and we watched Downton Abbey's new movie.  I cuddled the cats and met Snickers the pup. He is a hoot!

Then we had loads of sight seeing planned.  Until... hubs started feeling unwell on Monday.

On Wednesday, he tested positive for covid, I followed on Friday along with my Dad and Dianne. We soon found out that hub's folks also came down with Covid on Monday.  As far as we can tell our dinner out Saturday night was the point of infection.  Hub's folks also had a dinner that night where subsequently several attendees came down with Covid.  

So no sight seeing was done, we extended our stay a week longer than originally planned to get over it. Fortunately no one had to go to the hospital, we were able to fight most of it off with fluids, musinex, and rest. We all have a bit of a cough still, it sneaks up and hubs and I still feel some tiredness.

As we drove back east, we planned on stopping in Ohio to spend some time with hub's folks but were concerned about having each caught differing strains of covid.  Fortunately all 4 of us tested negative the day of our arrival in Ohio so we could spend some time together. It was the best visit. Very low key.


Hubs and I made one bad decision, to go out to a restaurant without masking. After being hyper careful for more than two years, we paid for that bad decision.  Please be careful out there. Even the less deadly strain of Covid will kick your butt for a week. I don't wish that on anyone.  Our nephew had covid in October, was ill for close to a month...and he caught again while we all had it. Much less severe the second time...but who wants to battle it again?

So if you've stayed with me this long, I have no energy to go back through more than a month's worth of posts, but look forward to seeing your lovely creations and commenting on them going forward tomorrow. I hope you are all well and stay that way.