Friday, March 11, 2016

Just Because

I have been getting bogged down in making too many cards for my self imposed requirements.  I make about 130 Christmas cards, and between 20-45 cards each for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, St. Patricks, and Easter. I rotate so my friends got at least one holiday card other than Christmas along with birthday cards.   It is beginning to affect my mojo and my joy in making cards. I am going days without making a single card.  That is something I used to enjoy almost every day; and I miss getting lost in the creative process.

Last month, I decided to skip St. Patrick's day cards since St. Patrick's Day and Easter fall so closely together this year. That helped just a bit, but I still felt overwhelmed.   Now, after much thought I have decided to also do away with making so many cards for the non-Christmas holidays.

I am going to do my best to remember birthdays, they are important.  And I am going to make the majority of my cards "just because".  I think an unexpected card brings more joy to the recipient than a possibly anticipated one due to a holiday.  Now that I have decided and am at peace with the decision I am letting friends know.

Last night I felt an immediate relief, and a desire to get back to my cards.  I sat down and made several.

Today's card I made based on a photo a friend posted on facebook of some "just because" pink tulips her hubby brought home to her.  She was thrilled with them.  Just because = Joy.

The image stamp set is Addies Garden from Winne and Walter, the sentiment is from PTI's Keep it Simple- Just Because (it has 6 versions of the sentiment).

Thanks so very much for taking the time I appreciate your visit.


Betty said...

all that card making would overwhelm me too - yesterday was a "just because" day for me and it was so fun - your j.b. card is gorgeous in that soft pink - life is too short to feel overwhelmed if you don't have to be. sometimes i wonder how some of the gals who are several design teams ever get anything else done in their life. anyway ENJOY making cards from now on!!

Jeanne H said...

I hear you and understand. For me, though, I can't seem to get anything going unless I have a deadline or at least an upcoming occasion. But I also think spreading unexpected joy is a worthy goal! Card for you coming up.

I Card Everyone said...

Yes, Cat! Just because is such a surprise - anything, any way! I LOve this tulip - really pretty stenciled background ... xx

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Such a soft and pretty card Cat and beautifully coloured! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Greta said...

Glad you've figured out what is right for you--can be such a dilemma. I almost made a bunch of duplicates just to get a certain number done & that's not what I like to do. I call them RAK cards & they're so fun to send & receive! The pink tulips are gorgeous--will make someone smile!

craftytreen said...

i love your new card and i love your decision about not overwhelming yourself. i was really kind of burned out after Christmas this year. i really want to make my Christmas cards early this year. thanks for your honesty with us. who know how many people you have helped with this. hugs, treen

Sally said...

So glad you've taken the pressure off, Cat. I like to think of this hobby as a means of soothing the soul. And "just because" cards certainly do that, both for the giver and the recipient; a welcome surprise in the mailbox. Looks as though your creativity has certainly returned - love these soft pink tulips and the stenciled background!

Anita in France said...

These just because tulips are just lovely, Cat ... a perfect way to surprise a friend and show you care! So wonderful to receive ... and to send! Hugs, Anita :)

Jean said...

A fantastic combination! And yay for rethinking why you make cards and giving yourself permission to play!