Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A lil something

for the crafty gals I meet with most weeks.  I am so blessed to have found these lovely ladies to share this crafting passion we all have. They are all fabulous paper crafters, so I try to do something different.  These are crochet baskets with a flower on the side. They have been filled with some miniature chocolates--Crafting and Chocolate...right?

The pattern is very quick, these were made over the course of a few evening's television watching. I modified the original pattern shown here You Tube

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mini Easter Basket

5mm hook

Round 1

Slip knot

Chain 4, single stitch to join

Chain 2

9 ½ double crochets in rings center

Slip stitch to close the round

Round 2

Chain 2 1st Stitch 1 ½ double crochet

Remainder of stitches 2 ½ double crochets

Slip stitch to close the round

Rounds 3, 4, 5

Chain 2,  1 ½ double crochet in each stitch

After each round close with slip stitch.


Chain 15,  turn back and 1/2 double crochet all the chain

Slip stitch to close.  Attach handle to other basket side

With yarn and needle.


Slip Knot, chain 5, slip stitch to close circle

5 petals, each petal is a chain of 2 single crochets, 2 double crochets and a slip stitch into the middle of the ring. Start the petal with the chain of two single crochets.

Make 5 petals

Close with slip stitch to join.  Either fill center with a button or contrasting yarn stitching.


Lin said...

What a sweet thing to do, Cat! I know they loved these!

Sally said...

Lucky, lucky girls you craft with! These are so adorable in such pretty spring colors, Cat!

Greta said...

Oh I wish I was in your group, Cat! I haven't crocheted in years, but these make me want to try again! Bet you were the star of the evening!

I Card Everyone said...

I'm with Greta, and Sally, Cat ... we all want to come to your play group! Darling little treats!

Tracey McNeely said...

That is such an awesome little crocheted basket! Wow you have many talents! :)

Joan B said...

fantastic. so adorable and clever

Joan B said...

fantastic. so adorable and clever

Jean said...

What a sweet gift!

Barb Ghig said...

You are so clever, Cat! I love how you created the baskets and the flowers are so pretty! What a lovely gift!!!
Thanks for the pattern, too :)