Friday, May 29, 2015

A long time coming

I have had this card in my head for quite a while.  It is inspired by the view out my window at sunset. I finally managed to snap a picture one March evening.  Then the hunt for the perfect stamp began.  I found  Tree Line by Stampendous and I thought it fit the idea.   My first attempt at this was not an overwhelming success. I had water colored the background, and the stamp is just too detailed for watercolor paper.

A couple more tries using dye inks and sponging, and distress inks...gave me beautiful backgrounds, but the stamping...yikes.

I decided to give it one more try, and that Misti really made the difference.  I stamped the treeline several times using Ranger Archival black ink.  Those trees needed to be really dark and solid to contrast with the sky.  I used distress inks in Worn Lipstick, Milled Lavender, and Spiced Marmalade to create my sunset.

It makes me happy when the idea in my head actually looks like the card in my hand!

I am back from California and had a wonderful time visiting my Dad. Its always a bit emotional when it comes time to leave, and this time was no exception. I miss my Dad, and am glad we talk, text and face time to keep in touch as well as play in the same poker league on line.

Jack and Digger are cute as ever, and have grown to be quite good hunters...I fear for the bird population; and the many I saw scrambling around were missing tails...My Dad rescues them and puts them back outdoors when the cats bring them in. Here are recent pictures of the boys, while not siblings, they are very close in age...a matter of maybe a week. They are the best of pals.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Darnell said...

Oh, man, there I was all filled with awe and love and warmth looking at your spectacular sunset card (which looks even BETTER than the picture of the real thing!) and you had to go and talk about your boys taking the tails off my sweet lizzy friends! Dang. Oh, well, that's nature for ya. God bless your papa for saving them when he can, lol! I'm glad you had a wonderful visit and that you're home safe. Thank you so much for taking the time to catch up on my blog and leave wonderful comments on so many of my posts! MWAH! Hugs, Darnell

Betty said...

your card is just fantastic, Cat - so beautiful - the MISTI is just so great for what you wanted to do - i'm loving mine. love the cat stories - one of these days when i don't travel so much i'm going to get another one.

Lin said...

Way to persevere, Cat, this is so worth all the attempts you made to replicate your beautiful sunset! It does look like a photo!

Jean said...

Your card is absolutely stunning! WOW!

Leslie Hanna said...

Gorgeous card! I have a tree background from CHF that I now feel compelled to use and CASE your card. And YAY for the MISTI! I love the ability to repeatedly over-stamp my images.

Lucille K said...

Oh Cat, you've captured the view out your window beautifully. Congrats, great card :)

Jeanne H said...

Yes, I agree! Your card and photograph are both beautiful. Well done. Any chance of a video on how you do your watercoloring?

Barb Ghig said...

Such a beautiful view, but not nearly as beautiful as your card, Cat! I think you did an amazing job with your inks and stamping, and the colors are just gorgeous! Thank heaven for your MISTI (can't wait until mine gets here) sounds like it really saved the day in achieving your vision!
Love the pics of Jack and Digger, too ~ I love the innocent expressions, especially now that I know how mischievous they are :) Thanks for the great post...Welcome home!

Cat Craig said...

Jeanne, this background was actually done by blending distress inks on paper with a blending tool. I made an earlier attempt at this card with watercolors and it was a disappointment. I may not have been clear in my description above. Thanks much for stopping by.

Sarah G said...

This beautiful card was definitely worth all of the trial and error! What a stunning sunset and the tree stamps capture your photo perfectly :)

Marj said...

That is a beautiful card! Love the sunset colors you used, and how well they look blended together. You certainly captured the feel of your photo!

Greta said...

So glad you're home safe & sound, Cat! Would be so hard to live across the country from your Dad--good you see him regularly. The kitty cats are so cute & bet they provide a lot of company for your Dad. Your card is jaw-dropping gorgeous, my friend--just like the picture--amazing! Now I guess I do have to save up & get a Misti. Maybe you can get a commission--LOL!

Martha said...

WOW...WOW...Cat, this is absolutely beautiful & breath-taking!
What a perfect take on the lovely photo! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

OH how I can relate to what you've shared about your dad.
How wonderful that you get to visit with him regularly.
Love the cat photos & your fun stories.