Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Watercoloring

I am still loving this class, and here are my pieces for day 2 - more backgrounds and day 3 stamping with watercolors.

The no line background created with color pencils was amazing to watch.  I think I got the effect down. I did go a bit crazy with the gold thread! The color wash is very subtle, hard to photograph, pinks fading to pale yellow on the top and bottom. The piece is matted on gold edged card.

I had so much trouble with this next technique, this is attempt #5...I love the look Jennifer McGuire was able to capture, and I got close, but in doing so I tossed a lot of attempts.  I don't even want to save them for die cuts.

Next up was some stamping to mimic water coloring in Day 3. I may have to give this one another go, but I do so love the colors in this one. I painted in the stems and leaves... This was part of a two step stamp set and the flowers were put on individually and in different places than the stem stamp hence the need for the hand drawn stems.

I just have to say Kristina Werner is amazing, her sample was so beautiful, I want to buy the stamp set...but could I pull it off???? That's the big question.  Will have to mull that one over for a while.  Have a wonderful day.  I am going to be cleaning windows today, it is finally warm and dry enough to get it done. Thanks for stopping by.

7 comments: said...

All three cards are beautiful! This class is awesome!

Jean said...

These are all wonderful! I'm impressed with how much you're getting done!

lenny said...

Stunning watercolor backgrounds, Cat!!!
All those cards are beautiful, but the last one is my fav ....that color combo is so striking!

Barb Ghig said...

You've done an amazing job on your cards, Cat! I love your soft background on the first card and the vibrant colors on your 2nd one! I think your last card is my fave, though...The petals on your flowers are gorgeous and your hand drawn stems are perfect!
So glad you're enjoying class, much to learn!

Leslie Hanna said...

All your homework is FABulous. Your Day 3 card is FINE. Better than mine, where I resorted to stamping a silhouette instead of watercoloring a central image. I was tired of all the pretty trash.

I, too, was in awe with Kristina's project, but I know me pretty well, and it will never happen if I buy the set, so I opted not to. However, a stampy friend down the street DID buy a few, so I might get to play anyway. :)

Greta said...

I can certainly tell you're enjoying the class, Cat! These are lovely! Enjoy the nice weather--hubby is the window cleaner at our house, thank goodness!

Kathryn A said...

All three of these cards are beautiful! Great washes! And thank you soooo much for the flurry of wonderful comments on my cards, that I woke up to this morning!! What an encourager you are ;)