Saturday, May 10, 2014

Continuing Watercolor Journey

I am enjoying this class so much, and today I probably made one of my all time favorite cards.  I have two to share, one was from day 4 - watercolor with stamps.  I really need another watercolor type stamp image to get a better product, but this will do.  I wanted to bring out that yellow center, but I am thinking it would look better without the string. Next time...

Today, day 5 I watched an amazing artist at work with watercolors and a stamp. Swarup Murthy made such an incredible water color card using a stamp, watercolors(cake) and some distress ink pads. It was amazing to watch her work and for her images to take shape.  Her blog is here.

It was way out of  my comfort zone, but I had to give it a shot, and eventually I surprised myself. 

Finding the right image took some time...I tossed away 4 other attempts before actually going with this one and finishing it all the way. And it took time...I am so impatient, that I am surprised I stuck it out. I used crayola (cake type) watercolors, and some tube type watercolors to get a nice deep yellow, and some distress ink for the stamp image and sentiment. I will have to revisit this technique. I love this little bit of a card about 3.75 by 3.75 inches.  The photograph does it no justice at all.
The class still runs another week.  If you have ever thought about watercolors and moved mentally on because you do not feel "artistic" think again.  I am in awe of people who can see something in their head and actually translate it to paper.  I do not have that talent at all.  This class makes me feel "artistic".

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  1. Both are lovely! Great colors.

  2. Wow! Love the pop of yellow flowers with the aqua background! Just super!

  3. You completely nailed this technique and your colours of yellow and aqua are just stunning! I feel the same way about translating art from head to paper - at least with stamps, it gives us something to work with! Love your cards!

  4. I'm taking this class too, and i'm going to have to go back over some of the first lessons--so much to learn! Love how your card turned out!

  5. Well done, Cat! Love the colors you chose for your Sanketi-inspired card!

  6. Oh my goodness, have totally out-done yourself here! I love the simplicity of your first card, and I'm so impressed with your 2nd one! Your flowers are so vibrant, and your background is just amazing! A+++ on this assignment, that's for sure!!!

  7. This is gorgeous!! The colors are wonderful and yes, you really are an "artist".

  8. We can see that you're having fun taking this class, Cat!!
    I looove seeing all your new cards!! Well done!

  9. You must be getting an A! Love seeing the cards you're making, Cat!

  10. OH MY, Cat, these cards are simply beautiful!
    I always love flowers!


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