Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Makeover C

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have not had card mojo lately. Not sure why, but I have worked on a couple of other things. When I decided to add some crafting space to my east coast residence, I had gotten a wooden letter "C" and decorated it, without a plan, a sketch, or even a clue...I just wanted something bright and happy. Its been up on the wall above my work space about a year and a half.  I decided while in the middle of an online poker tournament that it needed a makeover.   Here is the before shot:

I am not much good at waiting once I decide something. Down it came and I tore everything off of the letter down to the paper layer, I scraped off glue dots, and got it as flat as I could make it.  

I used some yellow paper from Stampin Up and recovered that C. I trimmed the edges, filed them down with an emery-board, and inked the edges with Antique Linnen distress ink. Now I had a blank slate.  I got out my Hero Arts Typewritten Letters, and began to place letters along the edge. I placed them until I had no more letters, then stamped them with Versafine Vintage Sepia. I cleaned the letters and continued with my placement and stamping until it was done.  

The periods were tricky, I had to use an exclamation point, and make sure the dash got no ink.  I added some recollection flowers, because I love flowers, and put pearls in the center to finish them off.  And here you have it my new "C".  Much improved I think, though hubs misses the greens and blues.

Have a good week!

 /\  /\


MS said...

Whoa! Your new one is ah-mazing! I love how you stamped the blog address. The yellow is so pretty. And a perfect use of 3 gorgeous flowers! You know, you could make these and sell on Etsy. It's unique. Make some in feminine/masculine. They'd be so pretty!

Kristi said...

So cute!!I would totally buy one! When my card mojo takes a break, I usually switch over to decorating. I guess sometimes we need to refocus our creativity from time to time!