Friday, March 1, 2013

Photo Tray - February & March

My February photo tray somehow escaped my blogging.  I did like all the pinks and reds...and the romantic feel it gave my wall.  Taking it down today, I decided that March would be a much cooler hue.

February 2013

My March has a lot going on for celebrations: St. Patricks Day, My Birthday, and Easter.  Green was a definite no brainer for a color...but what else...I decided on blues, yellows, and greens...and I have to say of the three trays done this is definitely the one I LOVE!
March 2013

WOW, March already...time is speeding by.

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  1. I love your tray Cat! Both are gorgeous and I love the idea of switching every month for some seasonal decor!

  2. Wow--I love both photo trays! Wonderful elements & what a great decorating idea!

  3. Love them both! That would be fun to do every month.


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