Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fun Cards 2

The Christmas cards have been made and mailed out. Hubs contributed to the process by writing the family letter and addressing cards for his side. My contribution was making the cards and addressing my side. I think I got the easier task! 

I love cardinals, I think they are gorgeous birds.  I had never seen one in person until visiting Hubs in Maryland. So I became obsessed with having a cardinal on this year's holiday card.  I am happy to say that 50 cardinals (made up of 7 pieces) later I still love cardinals!

I spent a lot of time with my punches in the construction of these cards. I started assembling the birds first, next the pine branches were punched out, then the sentiment panel was stamped, embossed and inked,next up the dry embossing strips, and finally the patterned papers and cardstock panels.  

There were originally two versions of the card, until I put together some of them with the wrong color there are 4 versions.

Thanks for stopping, wishing you and your families the best of the holidays with a new year filled with health and happiness.

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MS said...

You made 50 birds with 7 pieces each???!!!! Oh my! That's dedication! The cards are gorgeous! I like how you & your hubs divide & conquer!

In case I don't get another chance-I wish you and your family a very merry and blessed Christmas :)

Martha said...

OH, Cat, I love the cardinals on your beautiful cards!
OK, I agree about the cardinals being gorgeous...BUT...7 pieces times 50 might make me think otherwise. What a trooper you are! I have a difficult time making the same thing more than once. Someone asked me to make their wedding invitations, but I had to decline.

How FUN that you both had your part in sending out the cards, sure makes the process more enjoyable.

Have a Merry Christmas!

sheza said...

I've been waiting for you to post pictures of this card. I noticed all the detail work that went in to making it right away. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

HI Cat,
Beautiful work again ! I feel so lucky to be on your Christmas card list. Your card is awesome and I appreciate your talent.
From reading the other comments - I have to say you are a tropper - have always been. Never one to give up and always see a project through to the end. We benefit from your dedication.
Happy New Year ! Cheers, V

Heather T said...

What a great layout and a beautiful card to receive; I can't believe all the pieces you put together 50 times!