Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Birthday Cards-Male

Hubs birthday was this past weekend, and now I can post some of the cards I made for him.  Yes---I am one of those people who will give multiple birthday cards.

I find  masculine cards so hard to make, because I love bright colors and flowers and hearts and girlie things.

Here is card #1 for hubs. Its a little girly, but the strong colors are manly! I love that Happy Birthday sentiment from Stampin' Up. (this one is my favorite)

Card #2 is more manly in color and composition

Card #3 is the perfect card for hubs, he is never without his Converse Chuck Taylor tennis shoes, also known as the "Chucks".  I asked him the other night, which of the several cards was his favorite...they were not in sight, and he said the CHUCKS...it definitely made an impression.  I found that paper in Las Vegas in June and it has traveled to California, Ohio, and Maryland in preparation of the Birthday card.  The interior has several fussy cut shoes in the corners.

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  1. Ah yes, those masculine cards! I've got a few to make this month!! Love the converse shoes paper!! You had time to make 3 birthday cards for your hubby, Wow!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Hubs! Hope you all had a good celebration! Love all 3 cards. The first has such strong lines, it works for a guy :) And the 2nd one is so elegant! And the 3rd is so FUN! Especially since he loves his "chucks"!


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