Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WC4CM Days 7 and 8 was a tough one for me. Not sure why, but I struggled.  Though I can say that this morning my pieces don't look as  bad to me as they did last night, so I am posting them.

Day 8 was easier, I loved the using the stencil I had cut a while back using Simon Says Stamp's Viola die.

So on to the pictures

My two day 7 samples, I was unhappy with the foliage, but after they dried, it all kinda blended in and its fine. I guess it is true, you have to wait for it to dry before making any drastic decisions like tossing wet paper into the round bin.  I will have to say this technique is an exercise in patience, which I do not possess in any reasonable quantity.

This one was fun, I loved how it turned out.   All three pieces are small, 3x3 on the actual watercolor piece. They are going into my notebook with the daily lessons. Though I can definitely see this one being replicated.

Thanks for stopping by, only 2 more days of class then on to the mountain of other cards on my to do list.


  1. These are gorgeous! Great color choices! I really like the square cards, as well.

  2. I enlarged your photos and I think all 3 of your cards are really beautiful, Cat! You're doing an amazing job on your water coloring, and I love the choices you've made with stamps and colors! Sure wish I had more time to 'practice'!

  3. Certainly worth your efforts, Cat, & it's a good thing you waited to see how they looked in the morning! I really love the last one!


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