Monday, May 28, 2018

more on comments

ARRRGGGHHHH  this is all so frustrating.

My blog friend Michele of I Card Everyone  discovered and told me that I had become a no-reply blogger.  I was surprised but probably shouldn't have been. In my comment to her, I did not check the box for follow up comments. I was fearful that I would then get all the comments after mine on her blog emailed to me.

So as a test I added another comment with the box checked she got my comment via email  and I did begin getting her visitor's comments which posted after mine.

Unless you have a google account your options to post a comment are limited to as anonymous, which is horrid unless the poster includes their name in the comment so you know who it is --- or as name/url which requires the comment maker to add their name and url to post a comment...which I am sure will get old for that person very quickly.

I'll admit it, the comments are what makes blogging fun, interacting with those who comment.

I might get a card made today...after I stop pulling my hair out.

Thanks for stopping.


Cat Craig said...


Cat Craig said...


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

I have been using my google plus for blogging all along. In the past, there have been a few things that make it irritating, one of which is that it can be hard to find the blog (and not google +) page of a person who comments on my posts. However, I haven’t seen as much difference in commenting with the new switchover as it seems you are. Maybe I am a no reply blogger though, I don’t actually know! I do see they don’t allow Open ID anymore.

Greta said...

I'm with you--so frustrating! Just wish we could make a card together today!

Betty said...

no hair would not be a good look on you Cat!! so please refrain!! i hate messing around with this stuff - rather be making a card!!

Helen F. said...

WOW, this is frustrating to say the least! Hope you were able to get to your card making fun instead of pulling your hair out!!