Monday, April 24, 2017

AI Watercolor Kitten

Hello -

I've been collecting quite a few of the AI Watercolor Series stamps, and last week I finally sat down with a crafty friend to play and practice using them.  My supplies were the stamps, watercolor paper, tombow markers, a stamp positioner, post it notes, fine tipped water brush and stamp blocks.

My friend had quite a few of the smaller foliage and flower stamps as well.  So, between the two of us we were able to get a couple of panels made.  I tossed two pieces of watercolored card which had been used for practice on both the fronts and backs, a third piece has a bad practice run on the back...but the front turned out fine...yep I used it.  So, if you haven't played with these stamps and are planning on it and have absolutely no drawing or painting talent like me, give yourself some practice the You Tube videos.

I found these fun once I got past my initial aggravation with my over wetting my scenes.  A barely damp brush was the key for me.  And until I get more used to these, my cards are pretty much CASE's of those presented by Bonnie Krebs.

This one is inspired by this video

The focal image is made up of several stamps: a stump, a portion of a cat, grasses, several types of leaves, and two sorts of flowers.  This will be a thank you note for a friend who is fond of cats.  I've got another version in mind for my Dad that will have 3 kitties in a field of grasses.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lin said...

My friend was just telling me about these AI watercolor stamps - they look like fun, are small enough not to be overwhelming, and I think yours turned out sweet! Thanks for the tip to not overwater!

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

That kitten is adorable! I would love to add some of those sweet animals to my collection. You did a fantastic job watercoloring and how fun that you got to do it with a friend!!!

I nearly always do a practice run with these stamps before getting a final product. And it is fun to CASE Bonnie! Tfs!

Greta said...

Wowzer--came out great, Cat! I'd need a lot more practice runs--haha! You're so versatile being able to create such different looks on your cards--always love what you come up with!

I Card Everyone said...

So sweet! Yikes, I don't think I'd have the nerve to try these details, but you've certainly done a fabulous job of it! xx

Barb Ghig said...

This is so pretty, Cat! You should frame this one!

Anita in France said...

Gosh, such lovely detailing in those flowers, Cat ... that little kitty is adorable set among them! Hugs, Anita :)