Monday, June 13, 2016

Greetings from the west coast

Hi there. I am in California visiting and house-sitting for my Dad. 

I brought a few crafty supplies with me, some altenew mini ink cubes, my folder of peerless watercolor squares, and a few flower stamps.  I forgot my misti, but tried to make due with an old fiskars stamp press.

It was frustrating, though and eventually I bought  a new set of colored pencils and mini misti on one of my outings with a scrappy friend.  

I am writing down the things I wish I had with me; so the next time I travel, I can have a nice little crafty box to take along.

It is also a bit difficult mentally, as I am not in my usual crafty spots...I guess I am a creature of habit. I like my routines. 

I didn't bring any sentiment sets, just 3 flower sets.  Fortunately I had an old set from fiskars I believe.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Pretty cards, flowers are always good! Your idea of a "crafty" travel box is great! ...must remember that...

  2. Gorgeous florals! great idea to have a crafty box to take on trips, reminds me of the nappy bag always ready to go when my kids were little! Cathy x

  3. These are so pretty, Cat ... even though you feel limited in your supplies and crafty space, there's no limit to your creativity ... all four are just lovely! Hugs, Anita :)

  4. I'd like to see your list when complete, Cat! Though it doesn't appear that you're missing a thing! All gorgeous!

  5. I'm impressed that you've packed a crafty box! Lovely cards!

  6. I think your cards are all fabulous and so pretty! I always think I have everything I need when I pack up to travel and I am always missing something important. I think I am going to get a mini Misti for just that reason!

  7. Seriously?! I can't believe you made these with such limited supplies, Cat--beautiful work!

  8. all are just wonderful Cat! Amazing what you have done with such few supplies!

  9. OH, Cat, these cards are simply beautiful. Flowers are always classy! You've certainly shown that beautiful cards can be made with limited supplies.

  10. Hey, that's one way to get a Mini MISTI :) You create the most gorgeous floral cards, Cat! Beautiful coloring on every one, and your designs are amazing! I think you're doing a great job crafting in a different space, and with few supplies! Hope you're enjoying your visit!


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