Sunday, August 16, 2015

Heights - Eek!

No card today, just a hello and sharing some pictures of a recent outing I had with hubs.

For much of my life I have not liked heights nor bridges. Not to the levels of avoiding them altogether - my logical side won't allow those fears to take that tight a grip.  I have been know to close my eyes when riding over bridges (no not while and I avoid Ferris wheels. I am not a fan of flying, but one does have to get places more quickly than by train, bus or car.

Having moved to Maryland, a very wet state and making many car trips to visit family in Ohio I am almost okay with bridges, I don't close my eyes anymore nor grip the hand rest tightly.  YEA!  So I though I would
tackle the Ferris wheel thing...kinda.

Hubs and I drove to National Harbor to ride the Capital Wheel.  Its one of those huge wheels with enclosed gondola's that are climate controlled.  The ride is about 5-7 minutes...I lost count. I had absolutely no sense of being so high up off the ground. 

It was WONDROUS! The views were spectacular.

We plan to go back and ride again...I think fall with the leaves in color would be great...and at Christmastime to see the lights and decorations.

 Thanks for stopping by!


Martha said...

OH, Cat, what a fun post and lovely photo of the two of you.
The Ferris Wheel is my type of ride. :)
I'm sure the views will be spectacular during the Fall and Christmas.

Leslie Hanna said...

YAY! You conquered a fear! I don't like heights, but I love bridges (been over the Bay Bridge yet?) and ferris wheels. I don't mind being on top of a mountain as long as I'm not suspended (feet on the ground). The views are spectacular.

Greta said...

Oh how fun! I would love to do that--adding to my bucket list! I won't do rollercoasters, but I used to ride Ferris Wheels & based on your description I'd love it! So fun to see your pictures, Cat--thanks for sharing!

Barb Ghig said...

Sounds like you two had a great time! So glad you don't allow your fears to take over...after all, you would never have gotten such a great pick of you and DH! Thanks for sharing these photos with us :)