Saturday, August 1, 2015

Background Check Two last two lessons and design day have now passed. I always have a bit o melancholy when an online card class ends.

I enjoyed the new format on this one. Two days to make backgrounds trying out various techniques then a day to turn them into cards.

Two parts in one class.  I tried several of the techniques, but make only 4 cards.  Again these are mini cards for me to keep with my lessons.

It was a fun class, I'll definitely think more about my backgrounds when composing cards.

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  1. Beautiful cards. Love the red, white and blue card.

  2. Beautiful Cards - love the one with the pink flowers and the vellum.

  3. So many great ideas in class. I've watched them all, but made nothing. I suspect some of the techniques will sneak into some of my future cards.

  4. Wow - great backgrounds and finished cards!

    I got a lot out of this class - definitely will rethink backgrounds going forward!

  5. It is so interesting to see how different minds work. These are really nicely done and I would be pleased to receive all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think this class format really suits you, Cat! Your backgrounds and cards are fabulous! My fave is the last one with the heart, but I really do love them all :)

  7. Hi Cat... I do wish I had been able to take that class... look at all the fun embossing I've missed! Tell me whose sentiment is "Wishing you weren't so far away" - because that is what I'm thinking about you right now!
    =] Michele


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