Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So Happy for you

Over our Easter break, hubs (mostly) and I had the chance to relive our college days...well not in the way you might think. Our niece had asked if either of us recalled our Chemistry from college.  She was prepping for exams and was looking for input.  Hubs completely ROCKED it.  I was so impressed.  I was okay for the first bit, but then it was just lots of air swooshing over my head!  Chemistry was more than 30 years ago for the both of us, so his recall and understanding of the concepts just blew me away.

We just heard that the session paid off, and I made this card to send to our niece.  I have limited drawing skills (they usually involve rulers) and I found some images online of beakers, flasks, and test tubes.  I traced them from my Ipad with the screen super bright.  I added some distress markers and blurred it out will some water.  The outlines were then traced again with a silver pen. Sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp.

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  1. What fun! Your niece will appreciate the effort you put into this card - I think it turned out just great. Chemistry was not my favorite subject. :(

  2. So cute! NICE drawing, too. I'm sure she'll love it!

    I had 2 years of Chemistry in High School, but none in college. I would have been zero help. However, I do have two chemistry stamp sets if you find you need them again some day. :)

  3. WTG, Cat! I love that you traced the beakers to create your own design, and your water coloring is just beautiful! So glad your study session paid off for your niece...Chem is not my strong point, so it's great that you guys were able to help her :-)

  4. You sure learned a lot from the online class and applied it to make this lovely card! Your whole blog has wonderful ideas and fabulous cards.

  5. Oh my goodness--this is wonderful! Bet she was thrilled to get it! I'm impressed--couldn't have helped her at all--LOL!


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