Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blessed Easter and Cherry Blossoms

Hubs and I made it into Washington DC to check out the Cherry Blossoms.  It is a day despite the crowds and limited parking that I always enjoy!  There are several places in the area that one can enjoy the blossoms. The tidal basin near several monuments is the most crowded, neighborhoods in Georgetown were very quite and peaceful, and we saw a wide variety cherry trees at the National Arboretum. 

The light pink double petal ones are my favorite, and they all seem to smell so good.  It is a little bit sad to see the petals rain down when a gentle gust of wind goes through, but the petals floating slowly to the ground is also quite an awesome sight.

I made a few different Easter cards, and I really liked how this one turned out, so I am sharing it.  Thank you so much for stopping by.


Greta said...

I am jealous of your getting to see the Cherry Blossoms--have never been in DC at that time of year. I have seen the ones at our state capital & it's quite a site when they're all in bloom!1s0x54bfff11804e1c8f:0x6f767413a4e24db2!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i100!3m1!7e1!4s!5soregon+capital+state+park+-+Google+Search&sa=X&ei=mZVVU8OjE9SgyATZvIKoCA&ved=0CLoBEKIqMA8 Hugs, Greta

Greta said...

Forgot to say I love the inked background with the tulips--lovely Easter card!

Leslie Hanna said...

Cherry Blossoms are one of the best parts of living near DC! Several neighborhoods near where I lived in MD have streets lined with them, and it's GORJUS. At the end of the season you'll see card covered in pink flowers!

Oh, and nice card, too. :D

Martha said...

WOW...WOW...WOW...what BEAUTY to behold! How wonderful to be able to admire them IRL.
Cat, you photographed the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms so beautifully!

Love how you inked the background on your pretty Easter card.