Saturday, February 9, 2013

CAS2-Day 9 and 10 minis

Hi, back again with more homework...yes completed at 3 am this time...hence the mini cards. They are kind of cute. I might just go back and redo every day with a mini card for my notebook. I made two of the day 9 cards from items on hand, which meant relying on some hand cutting of the label and arrow. I loved the folding technique we were shown. Since this is a mini card I made folds at 1/4 and 1/8 inches. A little tight for the fingers to manipulate, but a really cool piece. Day 9 was about adding texture. Since I am washi impaired, I also tried out the wrapped washi card. Its kinda cute. These cards measure 2.25 x 2.5 for the pink, 2.75 x 2.25 for the red.

I used Hero Arts stamps on both days homework, and one sentiment from Lily of the Valley.

Day 10 was 1 stamp 6 ways. Our homework was to try 3 ways. I had fun with the little dandelion stamp. These cards measured (from left to right) 2 3/8 square, 2x3, and 2x3 inches.

I have enjoyed the class and I did much better keeping up with the homework this go round than I did with the previous class.  The best part is the lifetime access to the content. It has been fun...there may be one more bonus day, I won't find out until after I get up.

Thanks for coming by.
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  1. Wow...i love these cards...thanks for sharing...I too have enjoyed this CAS2 class...but unfortunately haven't kept up with the homework...however, I still have a day to get some submissions in !!

  2. Beautiful homework!!
    Love your cards! :) Good student! :)
    I enjoy CAS2 too, but I'm not keeping up at the moment!
    Three days behind!! :/

  3. You're such a good student! I love all the minis!


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