Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some Inking, coloring, and masking

I've been in contact with hubs all day, he is on the east coast and so is Frankenstorm.  I'd rather be with him cuddling through the storm, than sitting here in California's 80 degree heat.  

I am posting this several days after making it. I need to allow for mailing time, as hubs does troll through my blog every now and then.  I don't want the post to spoil the surprise of the card.

This card reminds me of something I once drew in kindergarten, and I kinda like the nostalgia of it. There is masking, inking, stamping, and a glitter tinged die cut.  Inside is a sweet message about home being where the heart is.

Thanks for stopping by.

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MS said...

It's beautiful! It does have that hand drawn/colored feel to it.

I hope your hubs is ok! I can't imagine not being close at a time like this! You're so brave!

sheza said...

This is a great card. Love the look of it. Different style for you.