Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cut and Paste

Hi there, 

I am avoiding finishing my Valentines...I have no idea why and they need to be in the mail no later than Friday.  In the mean time I was doing a little cleaning and straightening in the crafty space.  I tend to go immediately to organizing when I am avoiding things...I did it while I worked and I still do it.

I was putting away a package of card stock I had gotten from Close to My Heart. There are several sheets of two sided papers all 12X12.  I buy them for scrapbooking.  There are some amazing patterns and papers and I do LOVE paper.  In each pack there are 2 sheets of designs intended for those pocket scrapbook--or use compartmentalized sheet protectors.  I have always found these to be a waste for me...but I haven't thrown them out.  Its two sheets and one side has the images in portrait orientation, the other side in landscape orientation.

I wish I had taken a photo before I started cutting up this set, but I did take a photo of it from the catalog.

Those designs are not my cup of tea for scrapbooking...but I think they made some darned cute little note cards about 3.5 inches square.  I added only the card bases and the bling in the form of glitter tape and some enamel hearts and dots. 6 cards out of  2 pages destined for the trash bin - I say that is a save.

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  1. such sweet little note cards, Cat - perfect to have on hand!

  2. What a sweet set of Note cards you created! Pretty color scheme for those beautiful butterflies and florals~they are so lovely together, Cat.

  3. Oh my goodness, Cat--absolutely wonderful save! These are beautiful! I've gotta get my Valentines finished & addressed & in the mail, too--only mailed one so far--yikes!

  4. That's more than a save, Cat ... that's wonderfully creative ... your little note cards are just lovely! Hugs, Anita :)

  5. Don't you love it when you are able to take something meant for one thing and transform it into another! What fabulous little note cards you ended up making!

  6. That card set is so pretty! A lovely summer look, here. I am struggling to get all my Valentines done too.


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