Friday, October 21, 2016

Some Birthday Cats

One of the crafty ladies and our niece share the same birthday.  Both ladies are cat lovers, so I had fun making a couple of cat cards.  I was running a bit late with my planning this mojo went into early hibernation in September.  So, I figured cat cards would suit the recipients, and heck...I love the furry felines.

 Our neice will love this, her cat is a ginger tabby. He is a love bug!

My friend Candy has a couple of cats, so I think she will appreciate this one.

Cookie our neighbor cat was visting...I don't want to know what she found so interesting under that entertainment cabinet; but I had to laugh as she worked to get out from where she wriggled her way in.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I'm not a cat person, but these cuties made me smile, Cat! I'm sure your birthday girls will adore them!

  2. These are both so cute! I love the bit of watercoloring on them too! Your neighbor cat looks like she was keeping herself entertained! TFS!

  3. darling cards Cat - and i'm a cat lover - love that pic of the neighbor's cat - one of these days i might have to get another...

  4. I just love that your neighbor cat visits you & the pictures really gave me a chuckle! 2 adorable cards, Cat--doesn't look like a mojo problem to me!

  5. Two cute birthday cat cards! Love the CAS style of them both and your neighbours cat is too funny!

  6. Such cute cat cards, Cat ... and fun photo's of your neighbour's kitty ... it was certainly on a mission! Hugs, Anita :)

  7. OH, Cat, I love your darling cards. They are beautifully stamped, colored, and designed. I'm sure the recipients will enjoy receiving them.

    What FUN photos of your neighbor cat. Made me laugh.

  8. Now I can see that I have lots to catch up on ... you see I forgot to re-up with my new email address - don't think you're the only one I missed! LOve the kitty-in-a-box just as much today as the first day I saw it ... but those two snugglers? look just like my guys - miss them so...

  9. Your kitty cat cards are so CUTE! I love how you kept them CAS...they're just perfect!


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