Monday, September 26, 2016



Have you ever been excited about a stamp purchase...waited for it to be delivered, gotten it your excited hands, and then been disappointed in your creations?

That happened recently for me with a Mum's stamp.  The stamp and image are fabulous, but I was so not pleased with my watercoloring efforts.  I made a slew of cards with several color combinations.  I don't know why.  So I decided to sell the stamp set knowing I would rarely use it.  It sold in the blink of an eye likely because it was a newer stamp.

I have sold several stamps and dies over the last few years, my storage space is limited so if something comes in something must go out.  I would sometimes have a bit of remorse having sold the item, but I solved that issue by stamping off or die cutting a dozen of whatever I sell.  That seems to keep me quite satisfied and no more remorse.

So the point of the long is a card made with the mum stamp.  I am not mentioning manufacturing names, because the stamp is beautiful...its me.  I had trouble showing it to its potential.  I love the stamps from this particular manufacturer.

I do like the stamp simply embossed in copper on black cardstock with a CTMH rose gold foil strip and some coppery sequins from Pretty Pink Posh. I also embossed a few more in white, and I am going to try the watercoloring again probably with zigs this time.

So what do you do with your highly anticipated purchases, that don't live up to your expectations?

ETA:  Thanks Betty for the note...I am entering this over at Inspired by all the Little Things.
They have this beautiful chrysanthemum as inspiration.

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  1. This is so pretty just as an outline Cat. I've never sold any of my stash! I keep having to get creative with my storage solutions lol. Not only that but I tend to want the whole set of colours if I buy inks or pens, so I've stayed away from copics!! Cathy x

  2. i think the outline is perfect for that stamp since it is so intricate - the rose gold on the black is wonderful. when i clean out my stash i take inks,stamps, paper to the art teacher at a local parochial school. they get some fun art supplies and i take a tax donation slip.

  3. I think you are being too hard on yourself. The rose gold on the black looks super nice. I have not de-stashed yet, but I just started stamping about two years ago. I can see that at some point I may have to get rid of some stamps. It's a great idea to stamp or die cut extras before giving them away. Thanks for that suggestion.

  4. How do you sell your stuff, Cat? I used to take part in a twice yearly garage sale at my LSS, but haven't sold anything since the store closed. I have a container of stuff I know I'll never use. This stamp is gorgeous stamped in bronze--glad you did that before you sold it!

  5. Your card is so elegant and gorgeous with the simple embossing of the outlines! I have experienced the same problem...ordering something then wondering "what was I thinking?" when I can't get it to work. I tend to let things stay, however, instead of trying to sell. :-/ Thanks for joining us at Inspired By...All the Little Things!

  6. The copper embossed bloom is so gorgeous Cat! Love the simplicity. Thank you for sharing with us at Inspired By All the Little Things this week!

  7. k, i'm totally NOT seeing how this isn't a BRILLIANT use of the mum stamp? (& can i just say a sort of sub-YOWZA to the color combination, which is amazingly lovely!) but yeah, i've had that experience and i've generally done the same thing as you did; bottom line is... if YOU don't love it, you're not going to use it and the time & money are better allocated elsewhere!!! woohoo to you for knowing what works for YOU!

  8. This is gorgeous! Fabulous take on the inspiration photo!

  9. Copper embossing a beautiful bloom on still, my heart! Absolutely gorgeous card, Cat! Love your CAS design,'s perfect!
    I really should sell the stamps that don't work out (we all have them, right?)...for some reason, I hang on to them, hoping that I'll have a stroke of genius, but never do! Thanks for the great suggestion!


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