Saturday, January 9, 2016

100 Reasons to send a card

This is a bit of an unconventional post.  I came across an "article" while searching for something on the web.  I bookmarked it and I think I am going to have fun playing with it this year.   I have abridged the list below, but the full posting can be found here.
  1. To offer a random compliment.
    • Fact: 100% of people enjoy receiving compliments. Fact #2: Your hair looks great today.
  2. To share a recipe.
    • Add one tablespoon of friendship …
  3. As a joke.
    • Sending your 45-year-old friend three “Happy Quinceañera” cards will get a laugh.
  4. To recognize made-up holidays.
    • Happy Lumpy Rug Day. Because apparently that’s a thing. 
  5. To make fun of a friend’s fantasy sports team.
    • Sometimes the message board isn’t enough to get your point across.
  6. To play a move in chess.
    • Old school, right? One move per day gives you some time to strategize.
  7. To prove your psychic powers.
    • Make some predictions, mail them to yourself, get the date postmarked on it, have your friends open it once your predictions come true.
  8. To wish a happy half-birthday.
    • Send half a card now and the other half on their real birthday.
  9. To compliment someone’s outfit.
    • Better yet, keep a stack of these cards in your purse. Fab fashion can strike at any time.
  10. To share a random fact.
    • Did you know alligators love marshmallows?
  11. To ask a bunch of unanswerable questions.
    • Why do 24-hour stores have locks on their doors? Aren’t platypuses weird?
  12. To console a recent empty nester.
    • They’ll learn to love the sound of a silent house while the kids are off at school.
  13. To possibly make someone a millionaire.
    • Put a lottery ticket in there. If your numbers hit, it will be an unbelievable story.
  14. To give someone a high five.
    • Open card, firmly place hand here.
  15. To congratulate someone for making it through their first month of parenthood.
    • It’s sink or swim. And they swam.
  16. To wish someone a Happy Shark Week.
    • They’ve been waiting all year for this. Everyone has.
  17. To congratulate someone on their first touchdown, goal or home run.
    • Points on the scoreboard, cards on the fridge.
  18. To complain about something.
    • An email won’t get a response. A card won’t get ignored as easily.
  19. To console someone after the death of a pet.
    • Furry family members are still family members.
  20. To remind someone you love them.
    • Those three magical words. Surrounded by a bunch of other magical words.
  21. To fight homesickness.
    • Mom and dad would love to hear from you.
  22. To say “I was wrong.”
    • You totally were. Swallow your pride with sincerity.
  23. To celebrate the seasons.
    • Share your summer with friends.
  24. To console someone on their birthday.
    • Not everyone loves adding a year to their age. Commiserate accordingly with an unhappy birthday card.
  25. To reconnect with your best friends from high school.
    • They’re your oldest friends. What time and space separates, thoughtfulness and humanity reunites.
  26. To use handmade emojis.
    • Always wished a white wine emoji was a thing? Make it happen.
  27. To tell someone you miss them.
    • Who knows? They may even miss you, too.
  28. To congratulate someone for finally quitting a job they hated.
    • Sometimes it’s OK to be a quitter.
  29. To share a random memory with someone.
    • Some of the best sentences start with “Remember when …”
  30. Just because.
    • Why not? 

    Take a look at the list for yourself and see if something catches your eye.  Thanks for stopping by, I will be back soon with some actual cards.


  1. thanks for such a neat post, Cat - fun ideas!

  2. Random cards are my favorite to send, but have to admit--I hadn't thought of most of these reasons--haha! Have to disagree with #24--onto my soapbox because of my work with so many people who'd give anything to have another BD & won't--but I absolutely love #8--what a kick! Hugs, Greta

  3. 29 is a fave ... but suddenly, I don't remember why...

  4. What a great post! My fave..."Just Because"! It's true...I think a card really lifts the spirits, and I'm glad you shared this with us...I need to send more cards in the mail. Thanks, Cat :)


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