Friday, June 27, 2014

Good To Be Home

I spent most of June in California visiting and caring for my Dad and going to my Godson's graduation. My Dad had minor surgery and scheduled it for the time I would be there. It went well and he is well on the way to complete recovery, though I am sure he would not have minded me staying a few weeks more. I think he got used to the home cooking very quickly.  I did spend a day stocking his freezer with meals he can take out and warm up, he definitely appreciates that. 

My Dad decided he was ready to have a cat again. The house has been empty this last year, with no cat around.  He actually decided to get two kittens, so they would have playmates.  The first one is a bit of a wild one, he was abandoned by his mother.  His name is Digger, he is quite the excavator in the litter box. About a week later Jack came to us.  He was out of a house cat's litter and is the most sweet tempered kitten.  We introduced the two to each other by placing them on opposite corners of the bed.  They met in the center, sniffed each other out and became fast friends, playmates, fighting foes, and sleeping buddies.

Jack is about a week to 10 days older than Digger, and he is doing a great job of socializing Digger who was a little skittish. Jack has the sweetest face right now, but Digger is going to be a gorgeous cat when he gets bigger.  Their eyes are still that cloudy shade between blue and green.

I had a tough time saying goodbye to my Dad, but thanks to the Iphone we keep in touch with Facetime and I even got to see the kittens climb the cat tree for the first time (its about 5 feet tall).

When we returned home to Maryland, our garden flowers were looking great.  I wondered how they would fare with us being gone, hubs for 10 days--me for 3 weeks...but they were a welcome sight when we pulled into the drive.
The hanging geraniums just exploded in bloom. My impatiens really filled out and our beleaguered Hydrangeas from last year (black soot fungus) really bounced back with gorgeous bloom clusters.  Our marigolds and petunias are thriving as well. 

Back to cards in the next posts, thanks for stopping by.


  1. What a wonderful daughter you are.
    I'm sure your dad enjoyed having you around all that time.
    Love the photos of the sweet kittens & beautiful flowers!

  2. The cats are adorable and your flowers are amazing! I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your father and that he is doing well after his surgery.

  3. Glad your dad is doing well, Cat. How wonderful that you make time to see him so often & to be there for him at this time. Adorable kitties--I bet they will keep him entertained & be great company. Your flowers are gorgeous! My hydrangea is beautiful this year, too, but I haven't gotten around to planting my pots & summer will be over--argh!

  4. Glad to hear your dad got through his surgery doing well! His new kitties are just too adorable. It's not a home without cats! Your flowers are beautiful. I had two hydrangeas that I thought I had lost as well,but they survived and are bouncing back! Love you impatiens,aren't they the best? Thanks for the peek into your garden!


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