Monday, November 19, 2012


I procrastinated making my Thanksgiving cards for family and friends...I had gotten a cute fall stamp set with a matching (I thought) wreath die. Its close, but I couldn't make it exact no matter how few or how many millimeters I moved it around the stamped image. Frustrating, I decided to go with it anyway. I found a lovely Thanksgiving poem for the inside. 

Next big project the Christmas cards...yikes...sadly they are not started yet...well glimmers of design are coming together. Thanks for stopping and have a lovely holiday for those celebrating Thanksgiving this week.

 /\  /\


  1. Love that wreath! I think if you didn't say anything about the size, I wouldn't have even noticed!

    Good luck on the Christmas cards!!

  2. These look awesome!! What a great set of cards, Cat! Can't wait to see your Christmas cards :P

  3. WOW, Cat, what a FABULOUS set of Thanksgiving cards! I'll bet the recipients will enjoy receiving these.


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