Friday, June 23, 2017

My love of coloring


Coloring has to be my favorite medium for card making, and I have a respectable collection of copics. I thought I would share some of my copic tidbits.

I used to have them in the half wide deep art bin with the marker inserts but I out grew that and having a second bin made no sense to me.  I kept the bin, and took out the inserts. I put the original dividers back in so there are 4 sections. I bought cheap tulle bags (about a dime each) and put each color family in a bag.  I fold the edges down when they are in the bin, and I can pull the edges up and tie them closed if I just want to take a particular group or collection with me to a crafty meet.

This holds a lot of markers, I have about 175 or so, and I still have room to add.

Now my collection of refills is much smaller, I am buying them as I figure out my go to color combinations. For now they reside in a Container Store lidded storage bin.

To figure out my favorite color combinations, I made up a sheet of ovals and rectangles to show the colors I use for each coloring I complete.  My list is growing.  The ones I go back to over and over will give me the list of refills I'll need to buy.

I store them in the 2x2 inch coin protectors ala Jennifer McGuire's various swatches. I like that I have each of the colors individually and a sample of the blend.  I made these sheets up in word and then printed these with my HP Inkjet printer on spectrum noir paper. I let them "cure" overnight; and no smearing of the printer ink.

Thanks so much for sticking through this long post.  I decided to take a few of the colors out for a run on some note cards.

Thanks much for stopping by~!


  1. TFS these great storage tips Cat. I've refrained from copics as I have a tendency to want all of the colours and I can't even afford to think about that lol! Love your swatches and the notecards are so pretty too, Cathy x

  2. Great storage idea Cat! I'm not very good at colouring with markers (unlike yourself, even your swatches you blended look cool!) my 'go to' colouring medium are my watercolour pencils, they seem to be the only thing I have a modicum of control over! I LOVE your pretty cards too! Have a wonderful day my friend! Love & Hugs. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

  3. Love your storage idea! Especially the tulle bags, so smart! Your cards are awesome! Have a great weekend!

  4. I own this same container. It was so hard for me to find my markers and to keep them put away. this is a genius idea! I cant wait to try it! thanks so much for sharing this with us! hugs, treen

  5. Such lovely note cards, Cat ... all those yummy colours are delicious! What a fabulous collection of copics ... all so beautifully organised and accessible ... they're gorgeous (and so inspiring) just to look at! Hugs, Anita :)

  6. Yay for your organization! And those cards are a lot of fun!

  7. Beautiful cards!! Love your color combos!!


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