Friday, October 23, 2015

If you Dare

I absolutely detest spiders.  I even have a specially high pitched screech that explosively leaves my mouth whenever I see one.  This causes two my heart races as I figure out where the high ground is, and two- hubs comes racing from upstairs with a shoe kill mode.  Apparently my spider scream is quite distinctive. No screaming needed with these paper versions though (thanks Betty for sending them).

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  1. love what you designed with those spiders!

  2. NIGHTMARES! I almost didn't open this post - {shudder}. I don't have a DH to save me, so I must save myself. There was a monster spidey in the garage, next to the utility room, which is attached to my hose with the inside wall. All I could think was that spidey looked like he planned to come inside, so I smooshed him. Not sorry.

  3. We have a very special 'spider stick' that we use to crush those buggers with, Cat... you don't want to see the wood spiders we have - I promise... do NOT Google them!
    I do really like your card though! and the one I received IS DARLING!!! thx!

  4. I hear ya when it comes to the distinct scream ~ These are the only kind of spiders I can handle, too...on paper! I love this CAS card, Cat...B&W is such a striking color combo and the sentiment is perfect!
    Thank you so much for the fun card! I just received my mail, and you really know how to make a girl smile...Thanks :)

  5. I'm with you too! I made my husband come down at midnight to kill a spider that was on the door holding me hostage in the garage. haha! This is a perfect Halloween card :)

  6. We are kindred spirits, my friend! Cute card!


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