Sunday, November 15, 2015

An organizing find...

I've spent the weekend reorganizing my crafting space...and it is a much bigger job than I anticipated. Apparently I am very creative at finding nooks and crannies to shove store things in.  I am adding a couple of small shelving units and hubs has removed the 30 boxes he had stored in this room! Yea!  But I seem to have crammed in so much stuff it it is like working a slide puzzle to get things into place.  It will take weeks to get all the fine tuning done.

I thought I would share my wood block storage.  It is a nail polish rack which hangs on the wall. Each shelf is about an inch and a half wide and 24 inches long. The space between shelves is about 5 or so inches.  I've put on display my most favorite stamps and have consolidated 5 shoe boxed sizes boxes to two plus the wall.  Storage plus decoration...that is win win.

I have not had a bit of crafting space to create anything, but hope to clear space by Monday night.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Great start, Cat - I hope you'll continue to share your progress with us, and show us your new room when it's ready!

  2. looks wonderful and so clever to use the nail polish rack - when i was organizing i took the rubber off the wood blocks and put tack it over and over on the back, but still have some on display.

  3. Very clever! I keep rediscovering my wood stamps since they aren't visible.

  4. I so need to organize again--know it'll be worth it when you're done. The rack is beautiful & such a great idea! My problem is that I craft in the dining room (hasn't been used for dining in many years!!) since it's open to the living room where hubby is. He has limits on how much stuff can be there, so lots of it is in the spare bedrooms.

  5. Brilliant! I love my wood block stamps, but have yet to find the perfect storage system.

  6. Such a cool use of the nail polish rack! I can't wait until I buy a house so I can put up all sorts of custom things like this.

  7. I find that the few wood-block mounted stamps I have are the hardest to store ... love your genius idea!


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